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Deterring car thieves as theft numbers rise

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 PASCO, WA - Pasco Police tell us they have seen a spike in stolen cars lately, especially Hondas and Acuras. And even though the owners locked the car, thieves still easily broke in.

Reporter Karly Tinsley spent the day learning what you can do to prevent these thefts.

You park your car, lock it, and leave it...thinking it will be safe from thieves. But the truth is, simply locking the car might not be enough anymore. The good news is that there are some things you can install in your car to help protect yourself. 

"The high organized, the ones that are chopping them, they're going to have the ways and the means to get into them without them being locked," said Sergeant Scott Warren with Pasco PD.

Recently, Pasco Police have dealt with several car thieves who all seem to be targeting specific cars.

"Hondas, Toyotas, Acuras; they all seem to be high value targets for some of these car thieves," said Sgt. Warren.

And they can get your car open and running faster than you think.

"Not only are they stealing it to take the whole car, they're going after after market parts," he explained. "The turbos...the transmissions...all these people that are into stuff like that, there's a huge aftermarket parts scene."

The next step for drivers is to get a security system installed.

"We do the alarm systems that do the ignition disable, so that way when the alarm system goes off it will disable the ignition and the car is not going to start," said Mark Gocus, store manager at Traffic Jams.

And when you make it hard for thieves, they tend to stay away.

"So having the security system, you have a siren where there's bite and you have something that draws attention to the vehicle," Gocus said. "And they don't want attention, they want to get away with it clean and free."

By following these tips, Pasco PD says your chances of being a victim will be lower.

"If the opportunity isn't there or it's going to be real hard, they'll probably look for the easier target," Sgt. Warren said.

And another important thing to remember as the weather changes: don't leave your car unlocked if you're heating it up in the driveway. Police say that makes you an easy target. So if you plan to do that, lock it up with a spare key.