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Kennewick firefighters recall saving toddler from deadly fire

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KENNEWICK, WA - 30 seconds...that could've been the difference between life and death for a Kennewick toddler.

"We have confirmed rescue, Engine 18-11 is in rescue mode, I'm passing command. And the best part is, we are going to work. I heard that right as I was going through the front door so it was pretty motivating," said Kennewick firefighter Tony Jorgenson, as he describes the call he heard from his captain on Tuesday night. Moments later, he found the toddler he was sent in to rescue.

"Going into that room, I knew the infant was going to be in there as soon as I started finding stuffed animals, and the crib," Jorgenson recalled. "Once I found the crib I called to Mason and said, 'I have a crib in here I need some help,' so he doubled back."

But as soon as he picked the boy up, he could tell he was unconscious and not breathing. He immediately started CPR.

"Certainly a terrifying experience," he admitted. "I think we did maybe 30 compressions, and he started breathing on his own again so at that point we were just waiting for the ambulance, and once they did we wrapped him up in Shane's firefighter coat and took off in the ambulance."

"The environment was very bad," said Captain Tim Harkins. "There was smoke to the floor, the heat was building, we didn't have hose lines. I was concerned about the safety of the crews, I was concerned about the safety of the child, and then when we were all out of the building safely, and the baby started breathing again it was a pretty significant weight off of our shoulders." 

"You could see it on our faces when we first got the baby breathing," said firefighter Mason Osborn. "It was remarkable to be able to bring a life back like that."

They almost didn't.

"It was God's mercy undeniably that they survived that. A lot of different pieces fell into place to make this work out the way it did." 

In recognition of what they achieved, another Kennewick fire station gifted a trophy to them. And though it might not be the prettiest, it means the world to the guys at station 1.

"It may seem trite and small to the general average person, but to us, to me it meant a lot. They put it together in a very short amount of time, literally gave it to us the next morning."    

The mother and son were taken to Harborview, but thankfully we're told they're both doing alright now. Once they're back in town, the firefighters at station 1 are looking forward to meeting them under better circumstances.