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Anti-strip club group pushing petition to ban Kennewick strip club

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11-28-17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - The proposed strip club on Gum Street in Kennewick is facing opposition from some members of the public as it awaits final approval from the City.

One group is making its voices heard with some strong opinions.

That group started a petition that now has almost 300 signatures, asking the City to ban the strip club from opening.

"In a lot of ways that's just basically saying like, 'We don't want to be raped, but we're going to work up the men in a sexual way,'" said Brittany Phillips, who started the group. She says she started the petition in part she says because the clientele would be dangerous.

"These are men who are unhappy in their marriages, or they're pedophiles or they're people who are not comfortable abusing yet and are just getting comfortable," Philips said.

She adds her concern, saying that the business of a strip club revolves around the customers being sexual predators.

"Your job doesn't exist without a sexual predator basically, because these men looking at you, they aren't stopping there," said Phillips.

Danielle Magana's concern is about enforcement of the City of Kennewick code restrictions being put on the club.

"I am mainly concerned about how they are going to withhold the restrictions that they put up for the strip club and how they're going to monitor," she said.

But in a response sent to the petitioners and myself, a City of Kennewick official says adult use businesses are protected by the first amendment in the Constitution as a species of expressive conduct, so even if Kennewick wants to ban strip clubs, it would be against the law to do that. The City can't stop someone from legally pursuing a business license.

But that answer doesn't satisfy Phillips, who says women shouldn't settle to be strippers.

"There are women all over the world, children that are dying to have education, and you're offering an alternative where women don't have an education and take off their clothes to perform a business act."


KENNEWICK, WA - An ad on Craigslist is looking to hire entertainers and waiters/waitresses for City Stars Gentlemen's Club, soon to be coming to the Tri-Cities.

The ad describes the club will be a "modern and upscale gentlemen's club," and they are hiring for "female entertains/dancers." 

The club plans to open in December in the old Lucky Bridge Casino in Kennewick.

The Craigslist ad also states that they "are looking for girls that have great attitudes because we want this to be a great experience for our customers and we also want all of our employees to feel comfortable and excited when they come to work."

The club has already applied for a liquor license, but it is still pending at this time.

Regarding adult entertainers, the City of Kennewick Municipal Code states: (8) "No manager of an adult concession may employ any person under the age of eighteen (18) years as an entertainer or employee or allow an entertainer on his premises who is under eighteen (18).

"(9) No person under the age of eighteen (18) years may be admitted onto the premises of an adult concession for any purpose.

"(13) No sexual conduct shall be allowed on the premises of an adult concession.

"(14) No employee or entertainer may be unclothed or in such attire, costume or clothing so as to expose to view any portion of the female breast below the top of the areola, or any portion of the pubic hair, anus, buttocks, vulva or genitals, except upon a stage at least eighteen inches (18'') above the immediate floor level and removed at least eight feet (8') from the nearest patron."