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How to become a safer pedestrian

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KENNEWICK, WA - Tuesday night's fatal pedestrian-involved accident is one of a few in the last month alone. Now that it's getting dark outside earlier, it's important to make sure you're being extra careful if you're walking.

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky spoke with one Kennewick man who says he came close to death.

Even in broad daylight, the busy five-way roadway is a dangerous place to cross. Matthew Bishop saw the news last night about 22-year-old Kelly Larry Elmer Estep, and thought to himself, he's been there before.

"Having to cross the street, I've had near misses several times, got bumped a few times, and definitely have had to have a few people swerve out of my way because they felt like they didn't need to slow down or stop," Bishop said.

Bishop and his family take the bus to get pretty much everywhere around the Tri-Cities.

"We have one across the street right there," he said.

Just a few feet away across the street, yet he chooses to take the long way, where there's crosswalks and more lights along the street.

"It might mean an extra half a mile or three quarters of a block, but sometimes it's worth that."

Taking extra precautions after almost becoming a victim so many times himself.

"I have flashing lights on my phone," said Bishop. "So if I have to cross the street and there's no crosswalk, or even if there is a crosswalk and it's completely dark, I'll put the flashing lights up so they can see me."

If you're walking around at night, you should wear some light colored clothes, so it's easier for drivers to see you. 

If you're out for a run or bike ride, the more reflective you can get, the better.

And like Bishop, you should use devices that will blink, flash, or strobe so drivers can see you from far away.

And of course, use crosswalks when you're crossing the street.