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River View High School runs campaign to try and end swearing in school

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FINLEY- Between music, television, and movies, curse words have made their way into everyday language. Many kids today have become desensitized and don't think anything of the words they use.

Teachers have seen this become a big problem in schools. So to fight it, River View High School in Finley is taking a different approach to cleaning up students language.

The Care Don't Swear Campaign started in November after staff decided to take action. Principal Chris Davis then presented the idea to the leadership class who agreed to take it on. With the help of their teacher, Bryce Kennell, the students went around and presented the campaign to every class.

Yes, the leadership students were wary at first. "Its not comfortable to talk about things in front of your peers that might make you stand out or kind of put you out there and not seem normal." said Kennell. 

The way the campaign works is that if you're caught using inappropriate language you get a ticket. Once you get three, you get a lunch detention.

And now that the campaign has been in effect for several weeks, the students have not only seen a change in their peers but in themselves. 

"If i change my ways of not cussing here I'm not going to do it at my house. And I'm more than likely not going to do it with a group of friends I'm hanging out with after school or at a game or something." said Senior Branden Vasquez.

Principal Davis said they will re-evaluate if the campaign needs to stay in affect after Winter Break.