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Papa John's delivery driver brings holiday cheer through mobile lights display

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YAKIMA, WA - One of the best parts of the holidays is Christmas lights, and Papa John's in Yakima uses them as their secret weapon.

He's a delivery driver with a whole lot of Christmas spirit. Those pizza drivers are only at your door for about 30 seconds, but Yakima Papa John's employee - Brian Kemper - has a hard time leaving houses during the holidays.

For the last five years, his car has become an awe-inspiring Christmas display.

"Thought I'd be kind of cool to decorate the car, and when I had done it, it turned out pretty good," said Kemper.

Every year it gets more elaborate. There's hundreds of lights, fake presents in the backseat, a star on the antenna, and even the hubcaps are decorated. But Kemper's message is still very simple.

"I tried to explain Christmas and what it's about as much as possible on my car," Kemper said. "I think with the nativity scene on the back end and Santa Claus that pretty much does it."

Families who order pizza request to have Kemper and his Christmas car deliver to them. But not everyone gets to.

"It's just a random-type thing," he explained. "I can't be jumping in front of people and taking their deliveries or anything like that."

And when he comes down the street, kids are not the only ones who are trying to get a closer look.

"I think the parents are faster than they are getting out there," Kemper said. "I think everybody loves it. It's not just the kids."

It's not a surprise that Kemper's favorite holiday is Christmas. And not just because of gifts or decorations.

"There's more than just family that you have with you present now, it's the family that you've lost, too," he said. "That's the other reason that I do it. I've had a brother that I've lost, and my father."

But Kemper is quickly running out of room to put anything else on his car. Don't worry though - he has one idea.

"Probably going to have to move on up to getting...a trailer, maybe, or something? I don't know," Kemper laughed. "I've got a truck. So who knows, I might be pulling a trailer and have this (car) on it."

And it took Kemper 40 hours to decorate the car. 

When he's working, he says people are constantly honking and flashing their lights at him. He also goes to local hospitals and nursing homes so people who may not be able to get out to go look at lights get the chance to see them.