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How Yakima's snow budget this year is different from previous winters

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YAKIMA, WA - So far, this winter has been a lot different than last year's, which was a learning experience for the City of Yakima.

The winter of 2016 wiped out Yakima's snow budget.

"Last winter we had about 36 inches of snow fall, and our average is about 23 inches," said Randy Beehler, City Public Affairs Director.

Which is why this year the City is prepared in case of a heavy snowfall.

"The materials budget is $175,000 and contractors is $150,000, so the total budget for our snow and ice removal is $325,000 for 2018," Beehler said.

That's about $165,000 more than last year, he adds.

"Last year was such a good experience because we had so much snowfall."

He says the City say its residents cooperating by moving their cars out of busy streets, which made clearing the roads easy. It's signs like these that the City was testing out, and because of how effective they were, the City will apply the same regulations this year.

"The advantage of getting your cars off the snow routes is we're able to get in there and actually get the work done a lot faster and a lot more safely, so that cooperation is really important," Beehler said.

Regardless of what the budget is, the City says they will do their best every year to keep the roads safe for their residents.

"Would there come a time where the City just simply wouldn't remove snow because it doesn't have a budget?" Beehler asked. "No, absolutely not. That's a key safety factor for drivers in the city, so regardless of how much snow and how much budget we have, we'll be out there removing snow."