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Celebrating a new year with different traditions

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YAKIMA, WA - New Year's Eve is just days away, and for some, that means participating in old traditions in order to welcome a new year.

Reporter Briseida Holguin looked into Hispanic New Year's Eve traditions, and how locals this year are celebrating.

Angelica Reyes comes from a Mexican family, and she says that in order to have a good new year they all participate in some traditions. For example, as the clock strikes midnight, having grapes is of great importance.

"So you have to have 12 grapes in your cup, and then you're going to wait until the end of the year when the countdown is going on, and you'll start eating them," Reyes said.

And you must have exactly 12...

"12 of them represent 12 months," she explained. "Each grape represents a month for the next year."

While eating these grapes, Reyes says the person needs to make a wish.

"You are thinking [about] your goals," she says. "You're going to think, 'Okay, so first I'm going to accomplish this....'"

And if you're participating, you must finish all 12 grapes.

Another tradition involves colors.

"Yellow," Reyes says, "Yellow is the color we all wear in my family. Like you have to wear it for the prosperity."

She also says red is popular and signifies love.

These are two traditions that always take place in her house, but Reyes says she has heard of other traditions involving money and sweeping.