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Governor Jay Inslee visits Rattlesnake Ridge site

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YAKIMA COUNTY, WA.-- On Sunday, Governor Jay Inslee took the trip to Yakima County to visit the Rattlesnake Ridge site and hear from the geologists working on it. Here are some of the takeaways from Governor Inslee's visit:

- The Governor was impressed by the number of redundant systems that are helping to monitor the fissure. Redundant here is actually a good thing- you can never be too safe or too accurate in a situation like this. 

- Those systems include LIDAR (a laser-based system) and seismometers, both of which can help detect ground movement and measure the acceleration of that movement. These systems are checked every hour, and they will help determine when it will be time to close I-82.

- When that time comes, WSDOT already has plans for detour routes in place. One of them will use Highway 97, and the other will go through Vernita.

- Explosives are out of the question. Governor Inslee says that based on the geologists' findings, demolishing the ridge with explosives would be too unpredictable, and therefore, too dangerous. 

- Governor Inslee thought the two geologists on site have done a fantastic job so far. However, he is hoping to bring in a third, unaffiliated geologist to take a look at the ridge for the purpose of confirming the findings of the first two. 

- Based on what he learned, Governor Inslee says that due to the geological makeup of the ridge, the slide that's happening is very different from the fatal Oso landslide that happened in 2014. 

We will continue to update you on the state of Rattlesnake Ridge as we learn more details.