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Gronk helps Tide get the message across: don't eat laundry pods

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UNITED STATES - Laundry company Tide has decided that this whole "eating laundry pods" challenge has gone too far, and today they ran a full-fledged online campaign to condemn it.

Today, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski helped people understand that this isn't a good idea.

The video is going viral right now. It was trending for a while on Twitter, and whoever runs Tide's social media account spent the time responding to tens of thousands of messages.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, says it's taking down clips that show people taking bites of the pods. The videos have become an online craze among teenagers, prompting widespread health and safety warnings.

"What the heck is going on people?" Gronk asks in the video. "Use tide pods for washing, not eating. Do not eat."

Facebook has also removed posts from its platforms, including Instagram.

Teens are posting videos of them holding the laundry detergent pods in their mouths. Some teens shake, stir, or even cook them. But the pods contain a mixture of harmful chemicals which can be deadly if ingested.

The maker of Tide products says they should never be played with and safety is no laughing matter.