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13-year-old Enterprise student arrested for violating release conditions the next day

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2-2-18 UPDATE:

WEST RICHLAND, WA - Court documents show that there were inconsistencies with parts of the story that one of the students at Enterprise Middle School told West Richland Police.

The student claimed he had gone with the suspect to a house earlier in the month where he showed the student guns and indicated which ones he would  use for the shooting. The student later admitted to police that he lied about going to the house, saying he felt unsafe and did not think that the suspect having a knife and looking up websites would be enough information.

A search of the 13-year-old suspect's house turned up a butterfly knife, a knife with a .50 caliber design, two folding knives, two throwing stars, an unloaded ,40 caliber pistol inside a locked box, and two magazines with ammunition.

The court documents also show that the suspect told officers he did not make any comments about a school shooting, and said he was looking up firearms on his Chromebook because of the video games he played.

Right now, the suspect is in juvenile detention, where he is waiting to undergo a mental health evaluation.


2-1-18 UPDATE 12:00 PM:

WEST RICHLAND, WA - On February 1, 2018, at 9 a.m., officers of the West Richland Police Department placed the 13-year-old suspect into custody for violating conditions of his release.

The 13-year-old was released from Juvenile Detention the night of Wednesday, January 31, after the family posted bail. He had been in custody and charged with Felony Harassment after reports of threats to do harm at Enterprise Middle School.

West Richland Police Department Officers witnessed the 13-year-old violating conditions of his release, when he was seen leaving his house this morning. The violation was promptly reported to the assigned Probation Counselor, resulting in authorization to place the 13-year-old back into custody.

The student remains emergency expelled from Enterprise Middle School. As an expelled student, he is prohibited from being on Enterprise Middle School property, or on any other school property, in the Richland School District. If this is violated, police will be notified immediately.


2-1-18 UPDATE 10:00 AM:

WEST RICHLAND, WA - The 13-year-old boy accused of planning a shooting at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland has been released from the Juvenile Justice Center as of Wednesday evening, January 31.

The West Richland Police Department tells us they will have a strong presence at the school today. 

The boy is still expelled and is not allowed at the school. He was charged with one count of federal harassment and his bail was posted at $5,000.


1-30-18 UPDATE:

WEST RICHLAND, WA - New information today on the 13-year-old boy arrested for allegedly making plans for a shooting at Enterprise Middle School.

Richland Police arrested the boy on Sunday. He has been booked into the Juvenile Justice Center. The prosecutor now has until tomorrow at five to file any charges.

The court documents show there were several other boys who saw and reported what the 13-year-old was doing. Since all five boys are juveniles, we are not releasing their names and will refer to them as Boy 1 (the suspect), and Boys A, B, C, and D, who reported the threats.

In the documents, Boy A and Boy B saw Boy 1 looking up firearms on his school-issued Chromebook and tried to take a picture of the act. They then told school staff about it.

Enterprise Middle School staff then analyzed the Chromebook search history and found thousands of searches, indicating there may be a pattern.

Boy C told his dad about the threats that he heard Boy 1 make about a school shooting. The dad then called police about the threats. Boy C also admitted to going to a house with Boy 1, where Boy 1 showed him 2 to 3 different firearms and discussed his plans for the shooting.

Boy 1 then threatened to kill Boy C if he told anyone about the plans.

Court documents also show Boy D reported to police that Boy 1 asked him to be a part of the school shooting. After Boy D declined, he was also threatened to not tell anyone.



WEST RICHLAND, WA - A 13-year-old boy was expelled and arrested on Friday after a student approached staff members at Enterprise Middle School and told them about plans for a school shooting.

That same day, Enterprise called police and expelled the boy immediately after. West Richland Police and the Richland School District conducted an investigation that lasted through most of the weekend, until finally, on Sunday, police arrested the boy responsible for threats to kill as well as harassment.

He is now booked in the Benton Franklin Juvenile Detention Center and made his preliminary court appearance earlier today. Police say that at this time, there is no more threat to students or staff at the school.

However, Richland School District Director, Steve Aagard, tells us that going forward when it comes to any potential dangerous situation, always speak up.

"Whether it's a threat, an alleged threat, something a student hears, there have been too many of these incidents across the nation," Aagard said. "So we take them seriously, and student safety is a top priority of course. So that's why I say if anybody hears anything going on in our community or at a school they need to talk to our police immediately or to the principal or a teacher."

The school district also released a statement today saying that their staff had gone through emergency protocol training just last week at Benton County Emergency Services, where police taught them what to do if an intruder came onto the campus.

A lot of parents were upset and wished the school had notified them earlier about the investigation and arrest. After seeing some comments on social media, we contacted Aagard.

"I think the main thing we want parents to know is that the district in general doesn't get out in front of the police when they release information," Aagard said. "The police have to continue their investigation and complete it. We don't want to be putting information out about what we think might've happened before the police have completed their investigation. In this case, they made an arrest on Sunday afternoon, and they released an official statement on Monday morning."

To sum it up, the school district didn't want to release the information before the police did, in case there were any details that didn't match up.

West Richland Police can still be seen around campus while they investigate...however, school was open as normal today and will be open tomorrow as well.


WEST RICHLAND, WA - A 13-year-old boy is in custody for threats to kill and harassment after reports that he was planning a school shooting at Enterprise Middle School. 

The Enterprise school staff found out about the incident Friday when a student informed them of the teen's activities. The school called police and the immediately expelled the teen from school. 

West Richland Police and the Richland School District investigated and conducted interviews. After a search warrant, officers arrested the 13-year-old on Sunday. He was booked into the Benton Franklin Juvenile Detention Center. 

There is no on-going threat at this time. There will be an extra patrols around the school today to ensure the safety of students and staff.