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Hemp Hearts: a brand new local 'superfood' on store shelves now

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RICHLAND, WA - Over the last few years there has been a lot of news coverage on the marijuana industry. However, we haven't talked much about hemp. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is the cannabis plant but is very different from marijuana - in its uses, how it's grown and its chemical makeup. Two local entrepreneurs happen to know all about it, though. 

Almost all of us have to go to the grocery store but Hilary Kelsay and Max Schneider may get a little more excited about it than the rest of us.

"We took a selfie with it," said Hilary. "

"Yeah, Hilary sent me a picture of it, a selfie with her kids," said Max. "It just brought a smile to my face that it all came together."

The two of them have a new local business called Humming Hemp. They tout it as an 'American hemp food company.'

"More iron per serving than spinach, more protein per serving than chicken," said Hilary.

Hemp Hearts, described as a protein and omega superfood, will be in all Safeway-Albertsons stores in Washington by mid-February. Many of the nearly 200 stores are already stocked.

"It's like a pine nut and a sunflower seed had a baby," said Hilary. "So, it's chewy, it's nutty and fatty and delicious. It has the perfect ratio of omega six and omega three fatty acids"

After the Obama-era Farm Bill back in 2014 hemp started to be grown for research development. It's now cultivated in dozens of states. 

"It maybe piggy-backed off of the marijuana but it's totally separate," said Max. "The farmers don't cross. I mean, there is not marijuana and hemp in the same crops because they don't want the cross-contamination."

Hemp products must be fully certified. Eating them will not get you high.

"Our whole motto with hemp really is it's for everybody," said Hilary. "Young and old, crunchy, granola, Birkenstock wearing or not."

"With health being a medicine and everyone really starting to recognize this, this falls in line with that," said Max. "I mean, if you care about your health eat hemp."

Hemp Hearts can also be ordered on Amazon with Prime shipping and is also scheduled to hit Fred Meyer shelves in May 2018.