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Dog recovering after being shot twice in the head

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5-8-18 UPDATE:

TRI-CITIES, WA - The dog who was shot outside of Pendleton has fully recovered and is ready to be adopted.

Rez - who just turned 4 years old - is doing much better than when he was first found back in January. Other than the loss of his right eye, he's fully recovered from the rest of his injuries.

This all started after friends taking a drive through the mountains outside of Pendleton found Rez when they pulled over for a break. He had been shot twice in the head and appeared to be starving. It has still not been determined why or how Rez was shot and ended up on the mountain.

"He is a good boy, everyone that meets him loves him," said Angela Ziler, director of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. "He just has that great personality; it's amazing to me that a dog that has been through what he has been through is so loving and adoring to the people that are around him."

Rez is a happy and loving dog with a very playful personality. He's well trained, has been neutered and even knows how to do a couple of tricks! The perfect family for him would be an active one that enjoys being outdoors.

His adoption application is going through the A To Z non-profit organization that runs the animal shelter because they have a lengthier process that includes a home check for the animals, and they want to make sure Rez is well taken care of.

To find out more about how to adopt Rez, contact the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and ask to speak with Angela Ziler.



TRI-CITIES, WA - Friends taking a drive through the mountains outside of Pendleton found a dog that had been shot twice in the head.

Rez - a black and white Pit Bull - is currently recovering from bullet wounds after vets at Pet Medical in the Tri-Cities performed surgery. Rez lost his eye after an infection had spread too far.

The friends found Rez up on Cabbage Hill, the mountain pass between Pendleton and La Grande on a Saturday afternoon. Some of his teeth were broken in his mouth, he had a puncture wound above his eye and nose, a very swollen mouth, and appeared very thin and possibly starving.

But despite all of that, Rez is still in good spirits, showing off his friendly personality.

"He was painful to all that but very friendly," said Angela Ziler, President of the A to Z Animal Shelter and Services. "Didn't yelp, didn't cry, didn't growl, nothing. The eye was very damaged, it was clear that he would probably never recover in that eye. He'd probably lose it."

Rez has micro-chipped since he was a puppy; the chip registered in Bakersfield, California. It's believed Rez is now three years old.

"It is my gut belief that this dog was stolen from somebody and put in that situation up there," Ziler said. "What the purpose of the stolen dog, who knows, there's all sorts of speculation."

The vets that performed his surgery found one bullet lodged behind his jaw and say the bullet had been in there for at least two weeks, and possibly up to five.

"This is not the way to do it. If you cannot keep an animal anymore, take it to a shelter, take it to a rescue. There are resources out there. No dog deserves to suffer the way this dog suffered, and he did suffer. He survived, he's a survivor, but there is no reason why you need to shoot a dog and leave him to suffer."

A to Z Animal Shelter hopes to find the people who did this to Rez and find out everything they can on him from the day he left Bakersfield to now. 

Rez will be put up for adoption when he has recovered and if his rightful owners do not come forward.