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The next step for hidden treasures found at Goodwill

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PROSSER, WA - When you step inside a Goodwill, typically you'll find things like home goods, clothing, and furniture, but if you but if you take a step inside the E-Commerce department, that's where you'll find the out-of-the-ordinary objects.

Michelle Price is the manager of the E-Commerce department and she spends most of her days searching and guessing for hidden treasures.

"How often do you see something weird like this?" Price asked. "We have animals that are made out of animal fur and wool."

More often than not, she tries to come up with the best answer as to where the engagement ring, the 14 karat gold necklace, and the Vietnam War hat came from. The value of the items? Well, that's just a guessing game too, and as Price says, she's "pretty darn good at it."

Sometimes the stories she comes up with are pretty darn good too, like one about a guy whose wife shut down his rock star dreams.

"The guy just got married and his wife was like, 'no, you are not going to play that guitar, take that thing to Goodwill,' because it was dropped off all by itself," said Price.

Typically the items are placed on the E-Commerce website where the items are researched.

"That's what I found when I did the research, there was 1,000 of them made," said Price.

Items are photographed and placed on the bidding site, but sometime it's obvious the items made it to the Goodwill drop off by mistake, like one item that made its way here all the way from Texas.

"We got a ring from Texas A&M," said Price. "It's a big deal. You don't get rid of those rings. We had people out the woodwork saying you have to find the owner, so we were able to find the owner and she didn't even live here, she was just visiting."

It's stories like this that make Price's six years of searching well worth the digging. 

"I get excited every time, every single time," Price said.