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Man offers $25,000 reward for conviction of sister's murderer 47 years later

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PULLMAN, WA - A man is still trying to find his sister's murderer 47 years after her death.

In the summer of 1971, 21-year-old Washington State College student Joyce LePage went missing in Pullman. The only clue found was her car, which was parked three blocks from her apartment with all of her belongings inside.

"She had no reason to take off, and was planning to come down for the Water Follies that coming weekend," said her brother, Bruce LePage. "She just never showed up."

Nine months later, in the spring of '72, a boy hiking in the Wawawai Canyon along the Snake River just ten miles outside of Pullman found a decomposing body wrapped in green carpet. The body would later be confirmed to be that of Joyce LePage. She had been stabbed three times in the ribs.

"She had been missing for so long that, I think we all pretty much came to conclusion that something bad had happened," said Bruce.

During that same summer, Stevens Hall, an all-girls dormitory was being renovated. This empty building would become Joyce's favorite place to visit. In fact, the carpet Joyce's body was wrapped in came from that dormitory.

"She would slip up there," Bruce said. "She had a window that she could slide open and slip inside. She would go in there and do her writing."

Now almost 50 years later, Bruce is doing everything he can to catch her sister's murderer. This includes a new $25,000 reward to anyone that helps lead to the conviction of the person responsible for his sister's death.

"In a way it sounds foolish to do a reward at this time," admits Bruce. "But, if there was going to be one, it might of helped if it was done earlier on. But, I guess I don't care."

As to whether or not the reward will lead to anything, one thing is for sure: Bruce will never stop looking.

"I'm not giving up. No reason to give up. Like I said, I would like justice out of this, and if the individual is still alive, I'll keep chasing him."

The reward will go to anybody who helps bring Joyce's murderer to justice. $10,000 if the person is arrested and an additional $15,000 if the person is convicted.