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Millennial March: Millennials and their ''side hustles''

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KENNEWICK, WA - Millennials are taking part in the 'side hustle.' It's essentially a second job... sort of. A recent survey found about half of Millennials do some sort of 'side hustle' to either make extra money or to follow a passion.

"I'm a licensed real estate agent for the Kenmore Real Estate team. That is my full time job," said Brett Patrick. " Also, to get my creative juices flowing I run a clothing brand out of my house and my car, basically." He's a younger Millennial. He's 23 years old and runs Kriptik Clothing, mostly on social media. 

Now, side hustles are different from a traditional side job. Why? It's flexible as far as when and where you work.

"We are in my laundry room. Also known as Hayily B's studio," said another side hustler: Haylee Barness. By day, she sits in front of a computer doing billing and logistics. By night, she's a painter of home decor like signs and most popular for her, doormats. 

"I've shipped to 13 states and I'm about ready to ship to Pennsylvania," said Haylee.

She sells mostly on social media, too. Namely, Instagram, where uses all the hashtags to get the word out. "Painting. Doormat. Cute doormat. Welcome mat. Artist. Artist life," she listed some of her favorites off with a laugh.

Brett makes just enough money to re-invest and keep his clothing business going. The average side hustle earns earns Millennials about $258 a month, according to GoDaddy.

"I've made a couple thousand dollars. Which is pretty crazy," said Haylee.

Still, for a lot of Millennials the side hustle isn't just about making money.

"I am completely content just doing it out of my house and selling to my friends," said Brett. "I love seeing the growth of it."

"Huge stress relief and it just makes me so happy. It makes me SO happy," said Haylee.

It's not just Millennials getting in on the side hustling. About a quarter of Baby Boomers are doing it, too. However, that generation doesn't seem to be utilizing social media or the internet as much and in turn, in general, aren't quite as successful. 

To find out more about Hayily B Designs search for @hayilybee.designs and for Kriptik Clothing search @kriptikclothing on social media.