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Millennial March: TV watching is changing

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KENNEWICK, WA - Millennials have their own way of watching television and it's different than any generation before. Most of them are considered 'cord-cutters':

"My wife and myself mainly watch television through Hulu," said Erik Roach.

"Antenna. Netflix," said Haylee Barness.

"So majority of it is Hulu, Roku or TV but I also have rabbit ears," said Nikki Roach.

'Cord-cutting' is the act of cutting out the cable bill by solely watching television through streaming services or over the air. 

"Theyre doing away with DISH, DIRECT and Charter. The reason why is their bills are $100-$150 a month and tv comes in crystal clear over the air. In fact it's higher definition over the air than it is through a cable channel," said NBC Right Now General Manager Cameron Derrick.

Nielsen reports millennials are watching less than two hours of traditional, over the air television a day. That's the lowest number yet. However, on the same token, millennials are binge-watching more. Typically spending about five hours watching episode after episode. 

A new term to get used to is OTT - over the top. That encompasses the internet-based streaming services that millennials love so much and where, soon, you'll be able to get your news, too.

"We'll have apps on things that younger people will be able to watch," said Derrick. "That's something that we're working toward in that direction. The only scary thing about the technology is we don't know everything yet and it changes so fast."

Part of the reason millennials are the first to change the tv watching landscape is the sheer number of choices that are now afforded. From Sling TV to Hulu, Netflix and Amazon - there are nearly endless options at this point. 

Nielsen surveys show more than half of all households have some sort of device that allows people to stream content on demand instead of watching traditional tv.