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Sip On Summit: A Generation Z-operated business in Yakima

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YAKIMA, WA - When you think of unique, successful coffee shops, you usually don't picture a teenager as the owner... but that's exactly the case for Yarithza Aguilar of Yakima.

"I'm 19, my name is Yarithza, I own Sip On Summit so I'm a barista," said Aguilar.

And it's the very fruity drinks that have people lining up.

"What makes us different from most stands are our Red Bulls," Aguilar explains. "Our Red Bulls are really wild."

Wild enough to bring in new customers.

"I saw it on Instagram and I've seen that my friends have tried it before," said Areli Chavez, a customer. "I don't know, it just called my attention."

And not only do Aguilar's drinks look interesting, but they also give you the kick you need to go on with your day. Customers also say it's more than the fruity drinks that keep them coming back.

"I like coming here because of the way they treat you," explains Paulina Alejanbre, a customer. "The service they have is unique; they treat you as if you were like a friend and I like that. There's not many places like that."

Aguilar says she got the idea to open a coffee shop when she was a senior in high school.

"I was saving for college, but I don't know... it worked out," said Aguilar.

And it has definitely worked out. Aguilar opened the shop with a partner, but says that as of November she's the sole owner. She's also excited because Sip On Summit's one year anniversary is right around the corner.