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Millennial March: Two brothers start video production company

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TRI-CITIES, WA - Working with your family isn't always easy, but for two brothers who started their own video production company, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Co-owners of Moody Logic, Earl and Jaden are two millennials who have found their niche in video production. From a young age, they both loved fiddling with their mother's video camera and presenting their spectacles on their family's big screen. As they got older, the brothers went on different paths, but their interest in production never waned and only grew, drawing them back together.

"We kind of naturally gravitated towards each other, just because, I think, of our past experience working together and we kind of bounce ideas of each other really well, and just kind of formulated a great relationship again," said Jaden.

This rekindled relationship marked a turning point for them, leading Jaden to create a piece that would change both of their lives.

"And it kind of led to another project called The Boy and the Pond, which was kind of an experience that I've never felt before," Jaden said. "You know, that was kind of the defining project for us to be like, 'yeah, we can work together, this is awesome.'"

From there, Moody Logic was born. 

For the past three years, Earl and Jaden have quickly become two of the most sought-after video content producers in the Tri-Cities. Working with companies like Roasters Coffee and Fresh Leaf, among others, the brothers have branched out into weddings, commercials, concerts, and even music videos.

With all this growth and success, losing sight of their mission could be very easy. However, the one thing both of them say is most important is knowing your purpose and having the conviction to see it through.

"More importantly, have a why behind it," explained Earl. "If people don't understand your why, then they won't truly grasp onto the concept that you're trying to put out."