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Police departments go through blood stain classes at KPD

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KENNEWICK, WA - This week, Kennewick Police have been putting on classes that simulate real life crime scenes. It's helping officers study the details like in the blood spatter. The blood they used is not human blood, don't worry.

Police officers from across the state have been taking part in these blood stain classes.

"If the only thing they had to look at was the blood stains, they should be able to extrapolate enough data from it to come up with a reasonable explanation of what happened," said Dan Christman, operations commander with Sunnyside Police Department.

Christman has helped put on these types of classes that simulate real life crime scenes, and he says no matter how long an officer has been on the force, they can still learn something new.

"Initially it's a lot of 'aha' moments," Christman said. "People think I remember seeing this at a scene and now they're recreating it."

Important lessons, however, can come from students being incorrect.

"They understand that now when they look at the stains and they don't come back the way they have calculated them to come back, then they have to reset and they have to go back tear it down, reset and start over," said Christman. "They know that."

If they can't admit they might have made a mistake, their testimony in court can go very wrong.

"It can be very detrimental because people go to prison based on that testimony."

Each group was given an hour to try and determine what happened at each scene as best they can, then at the end of the day they will come together and share their theories. Some may be wrong, and some may be right.

But the lessons they learned today will stretch far beyond the classroom.