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KFD's strategy for reviewing, improving calls and responses

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KENNEWICK, WA - A paramedic's job isn't over after they get their patient to the hospital. Even when the call ends and they're back at the station, they continue to review their procedures.

We went to a Kennewick fire station on Tuesday to see how paramedics are constantly working to to improve patient outcomes.

"Our 2017 total number of cardiac arrest responded on was about 120," said Captain Eric Nilson with the Kennewick Fire Department.

Even when they're no longer working on the patient, there's still work to be done.

"When we return from a call like a cardiac arrest, it's not just about sitting around and waiting for the next one," said Capt. Nilson. "It's about reviewing our previous actions and our previous work to see what we can learn to better improve for the next one."

With high-tech defibrillators, they're able to get data in real time about the quality of their CPR so they can take that data back to the station and study it.

"Prior to having this empirical data, these cold hard facts telling us, 'no, this how deep your compressions were, no this is how fast you were going, no this is how much time you had off the chest,'" Capt. Nilson explained.

Because of it, they're able to save more lives.

"We've watched our survival rate in Kennewick climb," said Capt. Nilson.