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Millennial March: Young man starts his own clothing store

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KENNEWICK, WA - A young business owner who opened his own clothing store says it's good to take risks sometimes.

Shaun Ehlers is a proud millennial and business owner of Free Culture Clothing on Union Street in Kennewick.

"Well honestly it kind of started young; my first job was retail," Ehlers explained. "Eventually I wanted to go out on my own and open my own, and I've been here ever since."

The road to getting the store open wasn't easy, and Ehlers says his age didn't exactly help.

"To be quite honest, a lot of people were intimidated by my age... like they were a little bit on edge about starting a business young like that."

But that didn't stop him - it only pushed him to work harder... and he certainly did his research.

"Having a really good business plan with a good solid pro forma, which is all of your numbers and mathematical equations," he said. "What's your break-even, what's your cost-to-goods sold."

Of course, getting the door open is only step one.

"After that, it just transitioned into marketing and getting people into the business."

While millennials often get a bad rep, it's good to remember there are those who prove that stereotype wrong.

"You know, we're not afraid to put our own twist on things and try something new," Ehlers said.

And if you want to do something that might seem like a risk, Ehlers's advice is...

"You want to know what? You're gonna do it; take the risk, do it while you're young, do it so you can just give it your all, give it your passion, and see what you end up with."