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Yakima hops to be used for the royal wedding brew

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YAKIMA, WA - As many people know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be getting married fairly soon... but what you might not know is that a Yakima staple will be a part of the celebrations.

If you're wondering what part of Yakima will contribute to the royal wedding, the answer is simple: hops.

"Windsor and Eton Brewery out of the United Kingdom will be using our Simcoe hops in the upcoming brew for the royal wedding," said Alex Rumbolz, communications and outreach manager for YCH Hops.

YCH Hops carries a variety of hops, and says they have located which one of their farmers grows this one in particular.

"We actually had the privilege of going over to the UK last month and meeting directly with the brewer, who said that with an assortment of British hops that they used for this beer that they used Simcoe, which is one of our staple hops and we were able to trace it back to the farm," said Rumbolz.  

And that farm is no other than Perrault Farms in Toppenish, which is owned by Jason Perrault and the Perrault family.

"Almost every craft brewery in the country is either currently using or has used Simcoe hops," said Rumbolz.

YCH Hops produces the most hops than any other company in the entire continent, and that's probably what got them noticed to be a part of the royal wedding that will be taking place on May 19.

Aside from YCH producing and selling the hops to Windsor & Eton, Simcoe® is a hop brand developed and released by Select Botanicals Group (SBG). The Hop Breeding Company (HBC) was not involved in any way with the development and release of the Simcoe® brand or the YCR-14 variety.

In addition, Perrault Farms is a family farm that has been growing hops for four generations. Jason Perrault is one of many members of the Perrault family that has contributed to the success of the family farm, and is not the sole owner.