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Initiative 1621 would allow school staff to concealed carry on campus

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BREMERTON, WA - After the Parkland, Florida shooting in February, students and parents all across the country are asking for stricter gun laws - things like raising the age to buy guns and banning the sale of assault rifles.

Here in Washington, one man thinks there's another way to protect schools. A father of two, Tyler Miller understands the need for massive change in school safety, but he thinks the solution lies with the teachers themselves.

The idea of arming faculty and staff is something that has permeated the halls of schools all over the country. More than a dozen states, including Oregon, allow teachers with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons to the classroom.

With Initiative 1621, Washington legislators will specifically define what is or isn't allowed to be brought on campus, giving the power back to the administrators.

"Initiative 1621 is basically what I came up with that would give the most amount of flexibility to private citizens to execute their right to carry, but also give the most amount of choice to local school districts as how to they would want to implement carry policy at their own school districts and schools," Miller said.

With Miller's grassroots campaign gaining traction all through our state, he hopes this new legislation will make it to the voters this fall.

The initiative needs about 300,000 signatures by early July in order to get on the November ballot.

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