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Chiawana High School students find aphids in their cafeteria broccoli

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PASCO, WA - Enjoying lunch in the Chiawana High School cafeteria soon turned unappetizing for students when a video of insects crawling in their broccoli went viral late Tuesday night.

Sent to us by a student, the Facebook video shows the insects burrowed in multiple stalks from the school's salad bar.

Aphids, a common garden insect found in root vegetables during the late harvest season, made their way into the crop delivered by Spokane Produce. 

While harmless, Pasco School officials say precautions were taken right away to protect their students. Nutrition staff inspected all of the produce, and after finding more aphids ordered a district-wide tossing of the entire shipment of broccoli.

Students like senior Germain Barnes say that while the school does keep things clean, he hopes this will spark more attention to detail in the future.

"I think that they should more thoroughly check the food because, I don't know how it works in there, but like in the lunch lines, all the food is in a bin, all of the vegetables are just piled on top of each other, so it's really easy for them to miss something like that, like bugs on the broccoli," Barnes said. "So I think it just needs to be more closely evaluated so they can see what's really going on."

The Pasco School District says Chiawana High School is the only school cafeteria where the aphids were reported. No other school cafeterias reported any issues with their produce.

Pasco School District says they've received an apology from Spokane Produce and will not serve broccoli until their next shipment in a few weeks.