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Glenn on the Green: Unique challenges that come with spring golfing

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WALLA WALLA, WA - For this week's segment of Glenn on the Green, Glenn Cassie spoke with Chris Isaacson, director of golf at Wine Valley Golf Club, about the unique challenges that come with playing golf in the spring.

"Spring presents all kinds of challenges," says Chris. "We need to really stretch out and warm up before we play, but also bring layering because you never know what to expect weather-wise. If you want to have layers, have layers in your golf bag or vehicles so you have layers to go to. Then, honestly, golf course conditions. Bunkers are a little wetter than normal, so it's really interesting learning how to use your sand wedge out of the wet bunker. It's not the light, fluffy sand that we're used to. And then, on a day like this, the wind is blowing a little bit. It's really important to learn how to control your golf club and ball. So, at some point, I'd love to share with you how to hit a knock down shot and how I hit it, and share with you, as it will really help in playing in windy conditions."

"Why don't we talk about bunker play and how these conditions can be challenging in the spring?" Glenn says. "Let's head on over to a bunker."

"I'd love to do that."

"Alright Chris, so here we are at one of the course-side bunkers. Unfortunately, we don't want to end up here, but it does happen from time to time," says Glenn. "So walk us through some of the challenges of what you can expect playing this time of year and if you end up in the sand."

"In the spring, the bunkers are a little bit more firm than they are in the summer," says Chris. "The important thing to remember is you don't want to open up the club head as much, as that creates too much bounce, which doesn't let you lift enough sand. So it's important to square the club up and that will help a lot. Then, it's about commitment and picking your spot behind the golf ball and splashing the sand out of the bunker."

"Alright," Glenn says. "Show us how it's done."

It was Glenn's turn next. Admittedly, with Chris watching, he was a bit nervous. But it turned out better than he thought it would.