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Homeowner found justified in use of deadly force in home invasion

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4-27-18 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - The Yakima County Prosecutor's Office has decided to not file charges against the homeowners in the stabbing deaths of two suspects during a home invasion.

Brian Joaquin Perez (DOB: 10/23/1986) and Chase Daniel Rogers (DOB: 07/30/1993) were fatally stabbed during the early morning hours of April 22 at a house on South 64th Avenue in Yakima. 

Perez and Rogers had initially gone to find Perez's girlfriend on or around 64th Avenue in the West Valley area of Yakima. They believed she lived across from the Ahtanum View Corrections Center, and thought she would be at the house across from the center. The house they targeted, however, belonged to three other individuals, who were sleeping at the time.

Shortly before 4 a.m., Perez and Rogers kicked the front door in; Perez armed with a knife. The male homeowner, armed with a 12" knife, went into the hallway and told the suspects to immediately leave. Perez walked up to the homeowner, demanded money, and stabbed the owner four times, with the last lower wound in the abdomen being the most serious. At this time, the man's wife and adult son came into the hallway and the five of them got into a fight.

When the male homeowner saw his wife and son getting beaten and stabbed, he unsheathed his knife and defended himself and his family with lethal force, successfully wounding both suspects. Rogers sustained a life-threatening wound to his arm, severing his artery. Perez sustained three wounds to his side and chest. Both men ran out of the house after receiving these wounds.

The three victims remained in the house but were all injured from the attack. 

Perez and Rogers tried to leave in their vehicle but were unsuccessful, leading to Perez fleeing into the surrounding orchard and Rogers fleeing on an embankment to the northeast of the house. This is when Yakima Police started to arrive and tend to the victims as well as search for the suspects.

Both suspects succumbed to their wounds while on the property. 

The male homeowner's use of deadly force was found justified in this case, and he will not be charged.


YAKIMA, WA - Imagine this: it's 4 a.m., and two men break into your house. The family that lived through this nightmare fought off their attackers, who are now dead.

Just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, Chase Rogers and Brian Perez broke into a house located just off the corner of South 64th Avenue and Washington Avenue in West Valley. 

Yakima Police says the two suspects forced their way into the house. Once inside, they encountered several family members. A fight started, and by the time police arrived...

"The suspects probably got their vehicle stuck in the orchard just south of the residence," An officer said over the police scanner. "We have one subject that is down hiding in the orchard. We're trying to set a perimeter around the orchard to lock it down…victims are reporting only two suspects. Only two suspects. The victim stabbed both of the suspects." (Courtesy of Broadcastify)

During the fight, three family members were stabbed. They were transported to the hospital and released with non life-threatening injuries. 

As for the suspects, one died inside the home and the other died as well, but it is still unknown where he died because Yakima Police has not yet released that information.

Police tell us the two suspects knew each other and were in-laws. 

We will keep you updated as this investigation continues.


4-23-18 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - We now know the names of the Yakima home invasion suspects who died after being stabbed during the altercation early Sunday morning.

According to Yakima Police, Chase Daniel Rogers (DOB: 07/30/93) and Brian Joaquin Perez (DOB: 10/23/86) were both pronounced dead at the scene when police arrived.

We are told the homeowners/victims all had non life-threatening injuries and have since been released from hospital.



YAKIMA, WA - A home invasion turned deadly after a fight broke out between the homeowners and suspects.

On Sunday morning around 3:50 a.m. Yakima Police responded to a home invasion robbery in the 1900 block of South 64th Ave.

The initial investigation revealed that two suspects forced their way into a home. Once inside, a physical confrontation occurred between family members and the two suspects. 

Three family members were stabbed during the altercation. Both suspects were also stabbed. The family members were all transported to an area hospital for treatment. The suspects both died at the scene. 

The investigation is ongoing at this time. Anyone with information about this incident should call the Yakima Police Department at (509)575-6200.