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Why bees swarm more in spring

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TRI-CITIES, WA - Local beekeeper, Paul Cardelli, taught us today not only how bees pollinate but also what to do if you start to see bee swarms around your house.

Cardelli has been a beekeeper for about three years now, and since then his hobby and the bees and multiplied.

"There will be one queen and and a few hundred drones, and anywhere between thirty and fifty thousand worker bees," Cardelli said.

It takes twelve bees out of a hive to make just one teaspoon of honey.

"This whole thing is one individual," Cardelli explained. "They have their own personality. All of the bees are like the cells of your body make you. Same things with them; that makes them."

When the bees get too crowded in the hive, that's when you'll see them start to swarm, finding a new home like a tree or even a mailbox. 

"If you see a swarm, it's better to call a beekeeper, then to spray it or spray chemicals on them."

Because typically that'll just make them mad. But by handing them over to a beekeeper, you're not only getting them out of your hair... but also getting a pretty sweet deal out of it.