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Don't forget to take care of your eyes during Healthy Vision Month

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YAKIMA, WA - May is Healthy Vision Month, and optometrists recommend scheduling an annual eye exam.

As one of the most common senses we use, Dr. Jason Larsen, Apple Valley Eye Center's optometrist, recommends going to get your eyes checked on a regular basis. Having healthy eyes and making sure you can see well is important for kids in their development in school. It's important for adults in their job performance and just for their daily activities.

There are various types of eye exams and regardless if you wear glasses or not, it's important to get at least a routine screening of your entire eye once a year.

Some common diseases in the eyes range by age. For kids and young adults, computer vision syndrome stems from watching too much TV or being in front of a computer for increased periods of time. Dr. Larsen recommends limiting screen time to a maximum of two hours and getting reflective blue-screen glasses. For adults and seniors, protecting your eyes is extremely important as well; just as important as putting sunscreen on your body, wearing protective eye wear in the sun can help prevent melanoma in the eyes. Glaucoma and cataracts are also extremely common in seniors and should be regularly checked by getting a comprehensive eye exam.

For kids ages 3-5, they should be getting an annual eye exam. If a child has healthy vision, they should get their eyes checked at least every two years. For adults ages 18-50,  they also should get an eye exam every 2 years, unless they have a serious eye condition that their doctor is following. As you become a senior, a yearly eye exam is important to make sure your eyes are healthy and free of glaucoma and cataracts.