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As the temperature goes up, so do gas prices

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PASCO, WA - You may have noticed gas prices on the rise, and the drivers we spoke with say they're definitely noticing it in their wallets.

We've all been there during a fill-up: waiting for the numbers to stop. Gas prices are high and steadily rising. The peak driving season is around the corner - running from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, causing gas prices to increase. A change one driver has already noticed.

"In one week I spend 35 or 40 dollars in gas," said Oscar Taboada, a Pasco resident. "Right now, gas prices have increased a lot."

For that reason, Taboada says the price at the pump makes him think twice about where he's going and worries him on a daily basis.

"During wintertime and a few months ago, prices were much cheaper," he said. "Everyday prices are increasing more and more, but our salaries aren't."

We're all used to this cycle where gasoline prices bump up during springtime due to a peak in driving season, but did you know that Washington has the nation's third highest gas prices after Hawaii and California?

"It's hard for people because, I mean, it used to take like 20 bucks to fill up my gas tank and now it takes 35, almost 40 bucks," said another Pasco resident, Angela Gonzales.