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June is Men's Health Month

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YAKIMA, WA - June is Men's Health Month and is dedicated to focus attention to men's health needs, encouraging men to go to yearly health checkups and physicals. 

Men should be going at least once a year to get a yearly checkup if they are healthy. If you have specific health concerns or needs, you should be following up more frequently with your doctor. Men's Health Month is important since men are more likely to die of heart disease than women, they smoke twice as much as women and are more likely to die of lung cancer. More importantly, 1 in 11 men will develop prostate cancer.

Locally in Yakima some of the worst health concerns are diabetes and hypertension, especially in Hispanic men. They are huge risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which is also a problem in the Valley. Men are also twice as likely to die of a cardiovascular condition than women.  

Starting in their 20's, men should be getting their blood pressure and sugar measurements checked regularly. By age 30, get prostate anitgens checked for early prevention. By age 45, colon screenings should be done regularly - even if its not a colonoscopy, but any colo test can give insight whether or not you may be developing colon cancer.

For more information make sure to go to your local physician, or check out Astria Regional Medical Center.