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Port, City of Pasco and Tri-Cities Public Market Foundation release survey

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PASCO, WA - Is the Tri-Cities ripe for a vibrant, year-round marketplace that serves both locals and tourists, in the same way that the iconic Pike Place Market in Seattle or the Pybus Market in Wenatchee delight thousands of patrons each year? That’s the question that a community survey put forward by the Port of Pasco, the City of Pasco and the Tri-Cities Public Market Foundation hopes to provide an answer to.

According to Port of Pasco Economic Development Manager Gary Ballew,”We recently completed a community wide economic vision for the Pasco area called Somos Pasco. We heard a lot of people say they wanted more things to do on the waterfront and Downtown Pasco. There were a lot of mentions of a Public Market specifically. This survey is the first step in a long process to see if we can make that happen.”

The survey, which can be found at tricitiespublicmarket.com, resulted from a months-long collaboration during which the team examined not only community interest in the concept, but also the feasibility of two sites: the downtown area near the existing Farmer’s Market and a new, former industrial site along the Columbia River-front, east of the Cable Bridge. It is open from June 11, 2018 to July 8, 2018. The survey is part of a larger study looking at the feasibility of a public market in Pasco that is jointly funded by the City of Pasco and the Port of Pasco.

Pasco City Council member and liaison Craig Maloney pointed out, “So many people in Pasco have shown their pride in our community, which bodes well for businesses, for residents and for the entire Tri-Cities. We think the Public Market is a visionary concept that Pasco, and our region, are ready for.”

Community members have been critical in evaluating options. “The City of Pasco is growing at a blistering pace and evolving as it grows. We are diverse by design and welcoming by nature. Our community is craving creative outlets to express ourselves. And I believe that the Tri Cities Public Market will offer unique opportunities for small business enterprises to show off the best of what we've got! This could be a catalyst to reinvigorate an area of Pasco we all know has enormous potential,” said Ramiro Alvarez, Pasco resident and Co-founder of BlackBox Media PR.

The Tri-Cities Public Market Survey is multiple choice and ratings and should take most respondents less than five minutes to complete. Tri-Cities Public Market Foundation volunteers, identified by t-shirts, will be canvassing at local community events such as Pasco’s Food Truck Fridays and the June 23rd Juneteenth Celebrations at Kurtzman Park in Pasco.

If community members would like to volunteer, please contact the Tri-Cities Public Market Foundation at https://www.facebook.com/tricitiespublicmarket