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Trapper admits to drowning coyote pup captured in Kennewick home

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Courtesy: Kennewick Police Department Courtesy: Kennewick Police Department

  6-22-18 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - An independent trapper who caught a coyote pup in a Kennewick man's kitchen is under fire after admitting to drowning the pup.

A man found a coyote pup in his kitchen and turned it over to an independent trapper. The homeowner was told the pup would be released into the wild, but that did not turn out to be the case.

The pup was actually euthanized - not released into the sagebrush like the trapper, Don Caraway, originally told the homeowner.

We called and spoke with Jason Fiddora with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, who says when the two officers went to Caraway's house, he told them he had drowned the pup.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed Caraway has a license to do this, but it is considered inhumane. Fish and Wildlife lists several legal options when it comes to euthanizing animals, but when it comes to drowning, they say "animal experts no longer generally accept these techniques and they are not considered humane."

We did speak with Caraway, who says he told the homeowner he planned to release the pup if he found a place to release it. He also said the practice of drowning has been going on for years, so he doesn't understand why people are upset with what he did.



KENNEWICK, WA - A Kennewick man got quite the shock Monday night when he found a startled coyote pup cowering in his house.

Jake McChesney was just getting home from work Monday night when his dog started barking at something in the kitchen. When he approached the coyote, he first thought it was a puppy in his home.

After getting closer, McChesney realized that the big ears and the pointy nose meant it was a coyote.

He had left his back door open so that his dog could get in and out of the house, and believes that is how the coyote got in in the first place.

"I was just blown away because I don't live... I live in central Kennewick; it's not exactly the woodsy area," McChesney said. "It was just shock. I couldn't believe one made it through my backyard."

He quickly called the non-emergency dispatch number, but was told that the Washington State Patrol and Wildlife would handle it. 

Eventually McChesney and police were able to capture the pup and remove it from his home. Kennewick Police posted on Facebook that the pup would be taken to a nearby sagebrush and released.