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One man's weight loss journey leads him to his wife

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In the last 8 years 71-year-old Wayne Osmundson has lost nearly 100 pounds.

"I weighed 256 pounds and I said…That has got to stop," said Wayne. "I started getting my weight down and I weighed under 200 pounds."

In fact, if you met Wayne 8 years ago, then you probably wouldn't recognize him.

"I was wearing 4" waste pants. I was pushing those. I'm into 36" [waste pants] now," said Wayne.

What's the weight loss formula you ask?'s not an easy one. Wayne says some things had to give.

"Sugar just puts the weight on you. I tell people you know what Dairy Queen does for me? It makes me smile," said Wayne.

After a while of exercising, Wayne realized he needed to make other life style changes too.

"I started realizing I'm doing it not just to get down in weight but to eat right. Trainers have helped me a lot because there's motivation there too," said Wayne.

Derek Stump is Wayne's  personal trainer at Gold's Gym and he says its been a joy to see how far Wayne has come.

"Its been big. I keep getting before and after pictures of them out doing stuff, said Wayne. He has lost almost 100 pounds and she's come a long way too," said Derek Stump.

You may be wondering who the she is in this context.. Well, it's Wayne's wife Sandi. Wayne met her while working out at Gold's one day and says she's been a huge part of his weight loss journey too.

"My wife…..We are literally attached at the hip," said Wayne.

Guess you could say Sandi is Wayne's partner in crime.

"We're a good team," said Sandi Flower.