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Air quality in Yakima not affected by fireworks

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YAKIMA, WA - After a Fourth of July cerebration full of fireworks, have you ever asked yourself what the air quality is like the next day?

Thankfully, Yakima's air was not impacted by yesterday's colorful explosions. The Clean Air Agency says the air quality in Yakima County is back to normal.

They say yesterday's numbers show only minor levels of pollution in the City of Yakima around 9 p.m. In Toppenish, levels were a bit higher between 8 and 11 p.m. 

The Agency says it's possible Toppenish had higher levels of pollution because there are areas that are part of the reservation where fireworks are allowed.

They also say yesterday's wind helped clean up the air.

"This morning everything is looking good, everything is green," said Mark Edler with the Clean Air Agency. "We got into the yellow in a couple spots las tnight just for an hour so... so it wasn't too bad."

In comparison, to Seattle, Yakima's air is much cleaner. Seattle and Tacoma had triple the levels of pollution from 8 to 11 p.m.

The Agency says if there wouldn't have been any wind yesterday, pollution would have remained for a bit longer but would not have posed a threat.