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Summer playground dangers

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KENNEWICK: Triple digit temperatures are right around the corner and it's important to make sure you're drinking enough water, staying cool and applying that sunblock, but there's one place during these hot temperatures that can pose some serious safety issues.

The playground- a place where your kids have probably already visited this summer.

Susan Bruemmer brought her daughter to the playground of dreams today and says hot surfaces are definitely on her radar.

"I always touch the surfaces before I let her get on. If it's too hot, then I don't let her get on. I know she's going to burn herself," said Susan.

Tires structures, swings and even the floor you walk… they're all directly soaking up the sun's rays.

"If it's in the sun, then I can barely touch it without burning myself," said Susan.

Today, we took a heat gun out to the parks to see just how hot these surfaces actually get… and the result- shocking!

"This is saying 121 ....WOW," said Susan.

Other surfaces like the slides were even hotter than that, they got up to nearly 137 degrees.

"Our skin is 98 degrees. If you go into a hot tub, maybe 110.... but 137, way too hot," said Susan.

In fact, a surface only has to be around 110 degrees to burn you.

Knowing this, it's important to make sure you're exercising caution. Here are some safety tips that you can take if you're heading out to the park anytime soon. 

1. Make sure your kids are wearing shoes.

2. If you can...test the surface with the back of your hand before your child sits on it.

3. Use swings or slides that are in the shade

4. Always have water

5. Try to head to the park in the morning .... before it heats up.

Saturday's temperatures were only in the 80's but imagine on Thursday when we get to those triple digits. Surface temperatures could significantly increase, so it's important to be extra cautious while out at the parks with your kids.