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Myriad Genetics helps patients find their depression medication faster

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WASHINGTON: Mental health is talked about a lot these days. In fact, one in five people in the U.S are clinically depressed.

Now a national company is working to help people get better, faster- and it's called "Myriad Genetics."

When a patient first approaches their primary care doctor with depression, they're usually prescribed a medication based on medical history, symptoms or family history. However, usually there's a trial and error period. Each each drug can take months to take effect, before people find the right one, so that's where "Genesight" comes in.

"Genesight is a test to help marry up patients to medications that are genetically appropriate for them to better treat their depression," said lead researcher Dr. Bryan Dechairo.

The test uses a mouth swab and analyzes 12 of your genes. This test determines how someone's own biology breaks down different medications and how they respond to them.

"That actually combines multiple genes together with over 50 medications," said Dr. Dechairo.

Like Dechairo said, marrying a patient with one of those 50 medications.

"There's in fact over 20,000 different Genesight test results. A typical doctor may only see 5,000 patients in their practice,therefore, they may never see a single Genesight result that's the same for their patients- that's how personalized we are making it today."

Dr. Dechairo says this does help patients feel better, more quickly and more faster than a stalled trial and error process.

"Why wait for half of your patients to fail a medication when you can actually improve their remission by 50 percent," said Dechairo.

About 800 clinicians in Washington State and 33 in the Tri-Cities area have used the Genesight test.  People can use the find-a-provider portal to find someone in their area, that link is below.