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11 year old championship

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SELAH, WA - A Selah boy is making a name for himself in the racing world.

Owen Rudick of just 11 years old is a quarter midget racer, a sport also known as QMA.

He says, "I've won three championships this year."

Owen has been racing for four years and doesn't plan on stopping he says, "Eventually race at the track over there and eventually make NASCAR."

Owen's parents are extremely proud of him and say he is driven and dedicated to the sport.

"He definitely likes to win and he has patience on the track. He's not racing through cars, he's very patient and knows when to make the right moves and it has shown and each year. He grows and grows as a driver," said Terra Rudick, Owen's mom.

Both Owen and his parents agree when saying Owen is very competitive on the track.

"Yes, I race against friends a lot...Well, we are not really friends on the track. We can be friends after the race, I'm competitive on the track," said Owen.

With competitive racing there are the possibilities of having accidents. Owen says he's experienced a few, "Flipped about three times in the air and then landed on the wall and the car was totaled and we couldn't race it anymore that year."

Owen's parents say the first accident was the hardest to watch, but it also reflected Owen's passion for racing.

"It was very hard when he flipped his car and then after that it gets easier. He is safe, I mean he is in a  4 point harness or 5 point harness and I mean he's flipped four, five times in a row and the only question he has when he gets up right is, 'How's the car? Can I still race?," said Brad Rudick, Owen's dad.

Owen says he has a big race coming up in December and even though he is confident he says,"No race is ever guaranteed, because anything can happen on the track."