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Local Yakima girl competes in state wide bagging competition

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YAKIMA, Wash. -

YAKIMA, WA - When you think about competitions, you might think of a sports competition, maybe even a fitness competition but have you ever thought of a grocery bagging competition?

Nyssa Sabala works at Rosauers Supermarket in Yakima and is competing in the best bagger battle. 

"I got involved around September because they started setting up all the items and I found out we were doing a bagging competition so I started practicing," said Nyssa Sabala. 

Even though this isn't your typical competition, it quickly grabbed Sabala's attention and her mom approves. 

"This is a thing and she was like yeah, then i saw all the documents and i started reading them and i thought oh my god this is really real," said Natacia Sabala, mother. 

"I get to work on my organization because I'm very organized so I put it all into one and I fell like it's helped me in the competition because I have my own certain style," said Sabala 
Competitors are judged on four things, speed, technique, weight of the bag, and style. 
All of which Sabala and coach Kylie Lowrie have been practicing. 
"Every minute that we can get we've been in here trying to practice and keep trying to get her speed as fast as we can," said Kylie Lowrie, coach.  

"If I work 4 to 8 during the week I'lll be here after work till nine practicing with Kylie and then if I have days off during the week I'll be here after school practicing, " said Sabala. 

Unfortunately she did not win but is looking forward to competing again next year.