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Discovery Lab School and the Yakima Greenway team up

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YAKIMA, WA - When it comes to education it's important to remember that learning can also take place outside of the classroom. 

"So as you know, we are here on the Greenway today, because we are partnering with the Yakima Greenway to learn more about our beautiful natural area," said Irene Smith, teacher at Discovery Lab School.

Teachers at Discovery Lab School decided to change the way their students learn by taking them to the Yakima Greenway.

"It's a chance for the middle school team to do a variety of projects, but kind of integrate them together. So when students come they are doing a multi-step project, like this one where they are working on public service announcements," said Smith.

Students said coming to Myron Lake taught them more than the days lesson plan, it also taught them about the environment and how to take care of it.

"It's really opened my eyes to like how easy it is to make a mess, because like a gum wrapper, like we were walking and saw that and were like, 'Oh you know that's kind of interesting,' because it's like you think it's so small, but all those little things end up making a bigger mess," said Rachel, 8th grader at Discovery Lab School.

Greenway organizers appreciate teachers bringing students out to the Greenway and promoting it in a positive way.

"The Greenway is here for a lifetime, and we need our community to continue to be as supportive as they always have been. In protecting the ecosystems and the environment, and particularly the Yakima River. So kids learning more about how that is done is our future," said Kellie Connaughton, Executive Director of the Yakima Greenway.

This isn't the first time the school has taken it's students to the Greenway, about two years ago after a fire students went out and planted new trees.