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Is there life on Mars?

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YAKIMA, WA - A NASA scientist was in Yakima to answer a very important question, Is there life on Mars? 

Dr. Jim Green, NASA's Chief Scientist says, "Well we haven't found it, but we are going after it. We think Mars has a significant amount of water."

Dr. Green says water on Mars is a sign that gives other scientists hopes of one day exploring Mars.

"So for humans to explore Mars, we're talking about them getting to Mars in the late 30's early 40's," said Green.

Dr. Green also talked about about other planets and he says if people walked away with one message he hope it's this, "By understanding the physics of what's going on in those planets it will give us an appreciation and understanding of how our planet will evolve."

When asking Dr. Green about the future of planet earth and the impacts of climate change he said, "Well our future looks bright, because we are acquiring the data to understand how our climate is changing. You know as a planetary scientist I can tell you our climate has done nothing but change over the last 4.6 billion years of the evolution of this planet. It's not the fact that it is changing it's all about how fast it's changing."

He also said STEM is an important part of the educational system, because it helps students move ahead and apply that knowledge in a variety of ways and it creates new scientists.