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Go for the Green Program Rules

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  1. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  2. Employees and family members of participating sponsors and, KHQ, KNDU/KNDO/KNDUare not eligible to participate as contestants.  Professional golfers and former professional golfers (within the last 5 years) are not eligible to participate.
  3. No purchase required.  Void where prohibited.
  4. Entries become the property of KNDU/KNDO-TV. Incomplete entry forms will be ineligible. All decisions made by KNDU/KNDO-TV regarding the program are final.
  5. Show participants must be available for show videotaping from 7:45am to 11am on the day and golf course chosen by KNDO.  Contestants are chosen by random drawing from available submitted entries and are notified prior to show taping.  (The chance of being chosen to participate depends upon the total number of entries.)  In the event a participant fails to arrive in time for videotaping, the participant(s) will forfeit the opportunity to participate.
  6. In the event that there is not a measurable shot to the green in the first two rounds of play, the 2 finalists will be selected by random draw.  If neither player is successful in producing a measurable shot to the green on the third attempt, the winner will be determined by a flip of the coin.  That individual will take the money shot and qualify to play in the championship show.
  7. In the event that two players make it to the third round but fail to produce a measurable shot to the green, the winner will be determined by referencing the best shot to the green taken in the first two rounds.
  8. In the event that only one person qualifies for the third round of play, that person will take a third shot to the green, attempt the money shot and qualify for the championship show
  9. KNDO/KNDU’s “Go for the Green” programs will air as determined by KNDO/KNDU.
  10. Each participant agrees to allow his/her name, likeness and videotape of his/her participation in KNDO’s “Go for the Green” to be used in promotional advertising.
  11. Participants are eligible to participate in one KNDO/KNDU “Go for the Green” show per year, except for those who qualify for the Championship Show at the end of the season.
  12. Each weekly show winner advances to the Championship Show, videotaped on a date to be announced, and receives prizes and gift certificates as determined by KNDO.  Each weekly show winner and the Championship Show winner are eligible to attempt a 15 (fifteen)-foot putt during the “Money Shot” contest.  If the putt is made, the contestant wins $100 (one hundred dollars.)  The positioning of the ball prior to the putt is determined by KNDO.  One practice putt, to gauge the speed of the green, is allowed but not at the hole or in the same direction as the contest putt.
  13. Any participant from shows 1-12 is eligible to win the season’s “Best Drive” award.  The participant determined by KNDO/KNDU to have the best drive throughout the season, excluding a hole-in-one, will win a prize determined by KNDO.  In the event of multiple ties for the “Best Drive” measurement, a random drawing conducted by KNDO/KNDU of the tied contestants determines the winner.  Only one “Best Drive” prize is awarded each season.
  14. The first participant to get a hole-in-one during the season wins a prize determined by KNDO/KNDU.  Only one hole-in-one prize is awarded each season.
  15. Prize winners assume all responsibility for taxes or additional expenses associated with prize(s) won on the show.
  16. Participants assume all responsibility for bodily injury occurring before, during and after  Go for the Green” tapings.  Participants assume all responsibility for their vehicles and contents therein and personal belongings during show tapings.
  17. The distance from a teed ball to the hole must be 150 yards or greater.  USGA Rules apply.  No practice shots from the tee box to the green are allowed on taping day.
  18. All ball measurements and determination of which golf ball is closest to the pin are the responsibility of KNDO/KNDU.  All decisions are final.


Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of KNDO/KNDU.