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Real Hero: Aaron Hunsaker

Aron hunsaker is a volunteer firefighter. He says they don't practice mouth-to-mouth anymore -- but his instincts kicked in at the right time. Aron was attending a family graduation party last summer.

The party nearly turned tragic, when two kids dove into the pool, and discovered a two-and-a-half year old boy lying at the bottom. The boy was blue, and wasn't breathing when the older children dropped him on the deck, in front of aron. No one knows how long the toddler was under.

After several breaths, aron got the boy breathing again, before the paramedics arrived. He handed the child over -- and that's when it hit him. He had a child about the same age. Aron hasn't talked to the boy's family since then, but he's looking forward to seeing him healthy and happy, at this summer's get-togethers.