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Private Campaign Committee Going Digital in Promoting School Bond

YAKIMA, Wa - School Districts in the valley are depending on multi-million dollar school bonds for money to make important improvements to schools in their area, but convincing voters to fork over their hard earned tax dollars is a tall order.  And legally speaking there's only so much that the school districts are allowed to do.

That means it's left up to businesses and private citizens to actively campaign for school bonds.  It's something that been going on for years, but this year a group here in Yakima took a new approach in an effort to make sure the 119.5 million school bond passes.

Local business leaders and private citizens have included a DVD in their mail order campaign.  Memorial Hospital CEO Rick Linneweh is the co-chair of the committe - Vote Yes for Yakima Kids.  "A picture is worth a thousand words," he says.

Linneweh says their campaign committee has raised about $35,000 dollars for the campaign effort.  He says spending that money is necessary to effectively help out the Yakima School District because restricted on what they can say and how much money they can spend. 

Vote Yes for Yakima Kids also has put up signs all over Yakima and bought radio and television commercial time, but the DVD has given them a visual way to take their message right to the voters.

Ballots for the Yakima School District school bond, as well as bonds for West Valley and Sunnyside are due into the Yakima County Auditor's Office by Tuesday May 16th. 

*Watch KNDO Local News at 5pm and 6pm tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 3rd). We'll be hosting a special HelpCenter on the Yakima School District's School Bond.  School Administrators will be live in our newsroom answering your questions about how they plan to use the 119.5 million dollar bond to help rebuild schools in the district.