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Local resident prepares for flood

NACHES, Wash. - The only thing that separates Jewel Milligan's home from the Naches River is a dike.

"If it comes up over the top here then it's not going to take any time," said Milligan. "It would be just like down there in Louisiana. It's jut going to wash it right out."

Milligan has lived by the Naches River all of his life and has seen his fare share of floods. The river has even swallowed up some of his property.

"It's just something you got to live with if you live by the river right here," he said.

The only thing Milligan can do now is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

"We usually pack a couple of bags just in case we have to get out and clear everything out from out in front of my camper," Milligan said. "So if I got to load it up, we've got a place to stay if we've got to leave."

Milligan's thought about putting sand bags in some of the lower areas along the dike, but it would cost him too much to do on his own. So he said he's willing to take his chances and keep a bag packed just in case.