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Local Reaction to President's Speech

Yakima, WA -  People here in the valley are starting to weigh in on the President's oval office address on immigration reform.  Some say they like the idea to have national guard troops on the US, Mexico border.  Others were happy to hear that he supports a guest worker program.

David Cummins thought Bush had the right approach; strengthen the border along with a guest worker program.  "I was pleased with the speech. I felt he had some good points to make."

Cummins offers a unique perspective because he spends the winter months living right on the u-s, mexico border in Yuma, Arizona.  "I know that the border patrol, after seeing them in action in Yuma, they're just extremely busy and they go 24/7 as everybody knows."

Juan Rodriguez is born and raised in Yakima, but his family and friends are immigrants. "Yes, I have a lot of roots in Mexico."

He had mixed feeling about the speech, "I'm all for a guest worker program. I believe in a free market economy."

But, putting 6,000 national troops on the border...  "That kinda reminds me of the Berlin wall," he says. 

He also thought troops were needed elsewhere.  "That's a lot of manpower and we need our manpower in Iraq."

Right now, President Bush is waiting on the Senate to pass an immigration reform bill.  The house passed a bill that touched off protests across the country.  The bill would make felons out of all illegal immigrants and anyone who hired them as workers.