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Former Tacoma Police Captain Moving to Prison

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Corrections officers are preparing to transport the former Tacoma police captain convicted of killing his friend, to a state prison.

Before the week is out, corrections officers at the Benton County Jail anticipate Walter Copland will be on his way to the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton.

While it's not official yet, is it protocol, all male inmates not going to death row, like Copland, funnel through the Shelton facility before they learn their final destination.

Correctional officers look at several factors, then choose what facility best suits the inmates needs.

"Each factor has a score, and the score determines the level of security that you need and any other potential protections you might need," said Lt. Cathy Daniels, Benton County Sherriff's Office.   

Officers in Copland's case will most likely look at the past precedent for his crime of manslaughter, Copland's past criminal history, his health status and how being a former police captain of 28 years will incite the other inmates.

"Obviously all of them don't like police. If you have a long term police officer sentenced to a facility with criminals you have a potential for danger," said Daniels.   

Copland's attorney said he plans to file an appeal for the sentence and the verdict. That idea doesn't sit with well with some members of Copland's victim's family.

"The judge handed out a fair sentencing, nobody should have a need to take a look at it anymore. All the evidence is there, everybody weighed in," said son-in-law Kevin Santillie. 

But even if the appeal does go through, family members they don't fear reliving the death of their father, they claim they do that everyday already.