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Cars Parked on the sidewalk in Richland will get tickets

RICHLAND, Wash. - Richland residents can expect to pay a fine if they park their car on the sidewalk. Police are cracking down and said it is a growing problem in the northwest section of Richland.

Many curbs are rounded which make it easy to drive onto the sidewalk, but police said it presents a problem and illegal.

Cars parked on the sidewalk force pedestrians to walk in the street. There are a number of schools in the area and police fear that a child could get hit.

Richland Officer Dean Murstig said, "I don't want to be responding to that call, so I've come out here and identified a problem. We're going to take a pro-active approach."

Tom Robison, Richland resident for 28 years said people have always parked on the sidewalk.  He said, "I don't think its very safe. People have to walk down the sidewalk. There's a lot of kids roller blading down the sidewalk and to have a car there, people can't see very well."

Police said they are worried about a number of blind people that live in the area. People parked on the sidewalk said they fear someone will hit their car if it is too close to oncoming traffic. Tickets cost 20 dollars.