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Motorcycle Accidents Increasing

RICHLAND, Wash. - Police report the number of motorcycle accidents are on the rise, but riders claim it's not all their fault.

For most drivers its easy to spot other cars when they look out of their rear view mirror or even from the driver's side mirror, but if people don't pay close attention they may miss the vehicle and its rider that's becoming an all too common victim on the street.

You can hear them easy enough, but if your not looking for them, you'll miss a motorcycle rider when he pulls out on the road.

Although riders wish drivers would take the first step to a safer roadway. They said they have to adapt just to survive.

"We really have to pretend like we're invisible. You can't expect everyone to see you and they don't. And so you really have to watch out and ride like nobody sees you at all," said motorcycle rider Jim McCabe.   

Richland police remind drivers, motorcyclists have every right as any other vehicle on the road, but said it's smart riders take initiative for their own safety.

"It isn't fair and it isn't legal, but sometimes it just part of operating a machine of that nature," said Capt. Mike Cobb, Richland Police Department.   

To riders, it's more than the idea of gaining equal rights on the streets. When your mode of transportation is a fraction of the size, and can slip behind the sight of other vehicles, you can't expect everyone to notice you. Riders said they just want to get to where they're going without an accident.

"It's not just me that I'd like you to look out for, I'd ask you to look out for (my dog) Gunny, because she's my best buddy."

Police report car and motorcycle accidents are most common during spring and summer months. It's the one time of year most riders are out, and the most important time drivers need to pay attention.