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Kadlec Wins Malpractice Lawsuit

RICHLAND, Wash. - Kadlec Medical Center wins a major medical malpractic lawsuit. It's actaully the second lawsuit involving the same case of an anesthesiologist.

Some people may remember the story of Kimberly Jones. In November 2002, she went into Kadlec to get her tubes tied. Her anesthesiologist, who was allegedly practicing under the influence of drugs caused her to slip into a coma.

The family sued Kadlec and settled of out court, but during the trial the hospital made an equally disturbing discovery.

Kadlec learned the doctor had been fired from his previous hospital in Louisiana for working under the influence. But instead of telling kadlec that, his former boss gave him a glowing recommendation.

"This unfortunate event would've never happened if we had been given full disclosure into this physican's past we would not have brought him here had we known that," said Kadlec Medical Center Spokesman Jim Hall.    

Kadlec sued the hospital for failing to disclose neccessery information and won. Lawyers said the trial accurately represents who's responsible here.

"Kadlec hospital did all that it could, it was a victim of fraudulent representations," said Kadlec and Physicans Insurance Attorney Gary Morse.

Lawyers recognize what happened is a horrible tragedy, but said the trial sends a strong message to other hospitals who might also lie about their employees past.

"For lawyers and and health care administrators all over the country when they understand what happened in this case it'll be that much easier to do the right thing," said Morse.

The doctor's previous hospital must now pay $4 million. But we do not know if the doctor is working somewhere else.